A very common wedding superstition to this day is that the groom mustn’t see the bride before the wedding. This emerged from a time when arranged marriages were commonplace, and was practiced to ensure the groom would go through with the marriage regardless of the bride-to-be’s identity or appearance. This was specifically done on the part of the Father of the Bride since he wanted her to marry into a rich family and he was afraid that if the Groom saw her, he would back out. Through the years, this has become a symbol of bad luck, however, the truth is. . . it is a myth.

Many Brides also worry that the Groom won’t be as excited to see them when they walk down the aisle if they do a First Look. Well, I have photographed many weddings that have had a First Look and trust me when I say that when the Groom sees his Bride coming down the aisle, he is just as excited and emotional to see her.

A First Look isn’t for every couple, however, for those who opt to have one say that it was the best decision as it helped the couple to be more relaxed, and they were able to enjoy more time with their guests.

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