Jaclinn & Josh Carpenter

It was such an honor to photograph the wedding of this adorable couple as the groom is the Son of a friend whom I went to high school with, Cindy Hamilton Carpenter. And what a sweet couple! Their ceremony took place in the backyard of the grooms parents home and they had it decorated so beautifully with lights in the trees and swings and lanterns aligning the aisle. Earlier in the day, you could see that the clouds were getting dark, the wind was picking up and then it happened! A severe storm came through and dropped a ton of rain leaving the ground totally saturated. It had just stopped raining when we arrived and there were reports that it might rain again. Little did we know that the storm had knocked the power out on their street so they were using a generator to keep the lights on in the house. Even though the ground was wet and soggy, the couple put their boots on and the ceremony began. Not even a storm could dampen the spirits or the love that this sweet couple share.