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Who would have ever thought that we would be living a Pandemic Life?  So many couples have had to re-schedule their big wedding day for next year, in the hopes that it will be safe.  However, there is no guarantee as to when life will get back to normal.

Why wait?  Go ahead and get married so you can start your lives together and when the time is right, you can plan that big reception and invite everyone to come and celebrate! 

That’s where we come in!  We want to help you to get your lives started as a married couple now, without the cost of a big wedding, and the fear of putting any ones health at risk.   

Have you considered having a Micro-Wedding?  Our Kiss-N-Be Wed Micro-Wedding service is designed to allow you to have a beautiful and memorable, turn key wedding ceremony where all you have to do is show up, kiss and be wed!


Wedding Decor by Baroque Events

Our Micro-Wedding service is perfect for those small, intimate weddings that include the bride,         groom, officiant with up to ten guests and there are a few options for you to choose from.          (Click on the package to enlarge)

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