On November 13, 2021, Mary and John exchanged vows in the beautiful St. Mary’s Catholic Basilica in Galveston Texas. The wedding was steeped in tradition as the bride wore a beautiful Mexican veil called a Mantilla and the ceremony included the “Las Arras” which are 13 coins that the groom presents to his bride as a gift which signifies his commitment to supporting the bride and then there was “El Lazo” which is a unity ceremony to join the couple after the vows are exchanged to signify their status as one in eyes of the Lord. After the ceremony, it was “TerminiTime” at the reception which was held in the K.C. Hall just around the corner from the church. The venue was beautifully decorated with purple table covers along with purple bows on the chairs, silver chargers on the tables and large lighted marquis letters of the couples last name on the dance floor. The couple made their grand entrance and immediately went into their first dance as a dreamy cloud of fog enveloped them. It was a beautiful way to start their new life together as husband and wife.

Here is a sneak peek of John and Mary’s beautiful wedding!