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Makeup by Kristen Elkin

I first met Misha at a networking luncheon during the holidays in 2018. She had talked to me briefly that day about getting together with me for a Magnifique Portrait Experience and I was over joyed when she called to schedule her session! She is such a dynamic person with the most positive attitude and she is also a woman who has overcome great challenges in her life. One of the main reasons for this photo shoot was to celebrate her latest victory of losing 168 pounds! I remember when the makeup artist was working with her, Misha kept saying that when she looked into the mirror, she still saw her former self and it was difficult for her to see herself as she is now. We had a blast during her photoshoot and I must say that I went overboard on the number of images that I created. It was very difficult to cull them during the editing process because nearly every one of them were just so beautiful! When it came time for Misha’s reveal, she literally burst into tears while watching the video because she just couldn’t believe that it was her in those images.

Misha Elliott is a best selling author of several romance novels such as Silver Fox, Saving Leah , Learning To Fly and many more. She uses writing as a way to entertain, release, and educate. Her books have given her the opportunity to discuss and release emotions that run deep. You can find her books at http://www.mishaelliott.com. In addition to being a best selling author, Misha is also a motivational speaker and her platform is to help others to embark upon the path of total wellness just as she did. Her personal story is very inspirational and she shares it in the hope that she can inspire others to want to live their healthiest life. You can find more information at facebook.com/strong-lean-healthy.