And the big debate!

I just ran across this image that I created back in 2009 while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. We were on a tour in the jungle and the guide was talking to us about the Cacao beans that were grown there, which we even had a chance to taste, and this man was standing in what was essentially a lean-to which was basically constructed of old scrap metal along with wood, the roof was just a mish mosh of junk and there was no flooring as it was just dirt . At first we thought that he was just part of the tour and was waiting around, only to discover that this was actually his home! Wow! And we complain when the power goes off for an hour, or when our floor is dirty. Very humbling indeed. I just had to get a picture of him.

So later that year, I enhanced it and entered it into competition (among other images) when I lived in Florida. When it came to naming the image for competition, the only thing that came to mind was exactly what it was, a Humble Abode. It merited a score of 85, which was considered as being in the excellent category, but I remember the judges having a big debate about it because this was during a time when the digital revolution was just starting to become a bone of contention in the professional photography arena. The judges were a small group of photographers, most of which were from the old school mindset, who felt that it was too over saturated with color, etc. While the others felt that it was great because of the color boost. LOL. Even though I was nervous about my image “being critiqued” right in front of me, it was actually fun and exciting to see that my work evoked so much thought and consideration.

This past week, Florida held it’s convention on line for the first time in history due to the pandemic and although I am no longer affiliated with them, I hope that everyone who entered the print competition this year did very well.