We all know that all eyes are on the Bride when it comes to weddings, and rightly so as she can’t help but be the center of attention as she is adorned in a most beautiful wedding gown with elegant accessories along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It’s the day she has dreamed of her entire life.

But it’s the Groom’s wedding too!

Often times, the Groom will defer to whatever the Bride wants and he just shows up, puts on his tuxedo or suit and pretty much takes a back seat when it comes right down to it. Every now and then, we will encounter a Groom who wants to be involved in the planning process and commands a bit more of the spotlight.

Let him stand out. I love the idea of having the groom wear a different color tux or tie than his Groomsmen. In fact, the Bride might even consider letting him pick out his tux and make it a surprise on the wedding day, just as the Bride’s wedding gown is kept secret until the day she walks down the aisle. Although, the Bride might want to lay down some ground rules such as what NOT to wear. Or the Bride may want to be there while allowing him to pick out his attire, so she can steer him away from anything off beat.

Incorporate food he loves. You know the saying “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” so one thing that many grooms are happy to be involved with is the menu! If you’re getting married at a place that lets you be involved in choosing your food, include some favorite dishes of your husband-to-be. 

Consider a groom’s cake personalized in a shape from his interests and activities, like a basketball or sneaker. Or have it represent his favorite sports team.

Integrate something he likes into the décor. You might want to add his favorite bottle of wine to the tables, and in this case, the bride found her Groom’s favorite wine with his name on it. If he enjoys a good cigar on occasion, maybe add a little cigar bar as a surprise outside where smoking is allowed, or have the waiter present him with one right after dinner.

Or maybe if it’s in the budget, you could go all out and surprise him by setting up something really big.

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure when you are choosing your wedding photographer that they will make every effort to take images of your Groom throughout the day that will highlight him as well.

After all…it is his wedding too.