I know that this is a strange subject to be on a photographer’s blog however this is something that has plagued my for my entire adult life!!! Being able to boil and peel eggs, with out mutilating them!! LOL

I FINALLY discovered the way to boil and peel eggs with effortless, beautiful results!!!

Many of my Facebook friends have asked me to share the secret to how I have achieved this so here it is:

STEP 1: Place a pan of water on your burner and allow it to come to a rolling boil. After it has started boiling, place your eggs into the water gently…I use a large slotted spoon and place each egg gently into the boiling water.

STEP 2: Allow them to boil for twelve minutes. When there are about two minutes left on the timer, prepare a large bowl with ice water. I use enough ice to cover about half of the bowl. Then put water into the bowl.

STEP 3: When the twelve minute timer goes off, place the bowl with the ice water next to the pot with the boiled eggs in it and using the slotted spoon, place each egg into the cold water. Allow the eggs to sit for about eight to ten minutes so that they are cool to the touch.

STEP 4: Remove the eggs from the ice water and start peeling them as you normally would. The shells just peel right off leaving you with perfect eggs completely in tact.

The first time I did this, I thought it was just a fluke. . . when I did it the second time, I was shocked at the fact that this was definitely the way to boil eggs!!!