Mary & John. . .A Sneak Peek

On November 13, 2021, Mary and John exchanged vows in the beautiful St. Mary’s Catholic Basilica in Galveston Texas. The wedding was steeped in tradition as the bride wore a beautiful Mexican veil called a Mantilla and the ceremony included the “Las Arras” which are 13 coins that the groom presents to his bride as […]


Like All Things Living . . .

This beautiful rose came from my Mother’s casket spray, as we buried her on Thursday, August 19th 2021.  I photographed it because like all things living, it too will eventually perish.   Make sure that you take the time to get a family portrait with your loved ones. When you take a picture of some […]


Finally! Perfect Boiled Eggs!

I know that this is a strange subject to be on a photographer’s blog however this is something that has plagued my for my entire adult life!!! Being able to boil and peel eggs, with out mutilating them!! LOL I FINALLY discovered the way to boil and peel eggs with effortless, beautiful results!!! Many of […]