Like All Things Living . . .

This beautiful rose came from my Mother’s casket spray, as we buried her on Thursday, August 19th 2021.  I photographed it because like all things living, it too will eventually perish.   Make sure that you take the time to get a family portrait with your loved ones. When you take a picture of some […]


Finally! Perfect Boiled Eggs!

I know that this is a strange subject to be on a photographer’s blog however this is something that has plagued my for my entire adult life!!! Being able to boil and peel eggs, with out mutilating them!! LOL I FINALLY discovered the way to boil and peel eggs with effortless, beautiful results!!! Many of […]


Aubri And Josh. . .Keeping It Simple & Sweet

On Saturday, June 5th, this sweet couple had a simple, micro beach wedding ceremony in Galveston among just a handful of their closest family and friends. It was a lovely ceremony which was officiated by her grandfather, who also happens to be a preacher. Here is just a sneak peek of their wedding. Congratulations Mr. […]