Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Ami & Georgia Barzilay

A few months back, while on a girls day out in Texas City with my lifelong gal pals, we went Christmas shopping at our favorite boutique on 6th Street called Urban Gypsy. The owner, and friend, Georgia, had asked me at that time if I would be available to do some photography for about an hour on December 23rd. So we booked the date and even though I had seen her several times before that date, she never said a word about it.

On the day before the event, I texted her as to where and what time and she said it would be at St. Mary’s and to be there just a little before 6pm. I never even gave it a second thought. So we pull into the parking lot at St. Mary’s and the parking lot is empty when a few minutes later, a couple of vehicles pull up and Georgia gets out of one car, dressed in the most beautiful winter white jumpsuit looking fabulous and as I was hugging her, I commented on how beautiful she looked and she whispered ” Thank you…it’s because Ami and I are getting married tonight!” OMG! I had absolutely no clue and I was absolutely thrilled!

As their family members gathered in the foyer of the church, she and Ami announced to them that the reason that they were all here is because they are getting married! After many hugs and tears of joy, Georgia and Ami professed their love for one another and exchanged wedding vows. It was a beautiful ceremony and all I could think about while I was photographing the moment was “Thank God for auto focus” because the tears just kept coming.